Presidents Welcome address Nov 2014

Presidents Welcome Address:  Nov 8th 2014.

Good Morning Everyone.  Welcome to the fall AGM for the PHLBC.  

It’s hard to believe that yet another year is ended.   I feel that, in general, we had a successful year.  The open tournaments were well attended thanks as always to Ned.  It was however a bid disheartening to see the lack of interest in the in club tournaments.  We should all make a conscious effort to attend these events.  A lot of work goes into organizing and running these tournaments and they form an important element in the function of the club.  What a great opportunity for brand new members to enter into a more competitive form of lawn bowling.  In addition one of the important factors of being a member of a club is interact with all members, what better way than to have a day of enjoyable competition.  Perhaps we should all take some time over the winter to come up with some innovative ways to promote better attendance.

We had a good year for the greens.  The rolling and maintenance regimen had a positive effect on the grass and it was a treat not to have to contend with the worms.  Thank you to John and all of the people that helped in the rolling, grass removal and Verdi-cutting.  I think we all are aware that without decent greens we just cannot operate, so this is such an important factor in our club success.

I don’t know how many of you have been down to the club of late, but the improvements are coming along great. In addition I understand that the raccoon proofing has been completed which will give us some piece of mind over the winter.  A little later in the meeting I will ask Glenn Gard to give us a bit of an update.  I think you will all be very surprised and pleased when you see the outcome.

We have been pressing the town this year for an alternative location.  One in which we do not have the steep stairs, the wet greens or the lack of parking.  During the meeting I will fill you in a bit more on that situation but be assured that we will continue to approach the town on the matter.  In addition  Stan,  whom I heard from only a couple from only a couple of days ago,  is continuing to work on any grants we may be eligible for as well as looking for any other funding that might not be so obvious. 

In closing, I would like to thank all of the members that exhibited that little bit of extra effort to help the functioning of the club.   I could be baking for the kitchen, helping with the greens, setting up for tournaments,  tending to the gardens, and the list goes on, but all of those small things add up to a successful club. So I say again Thank You.  

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