Cut throat tournament

Our Cut Throat tournament was held Wed Sept16. . It was a great fun day for all with a snack time in the middle of two 8-end games. The winner over all was our own Don Plummer.  Congraduations Don!!!

League Season End Party

Mon Sep 14, brought an end to this years League play. A wonderful Chicken Barbeque was enjoyed by all , thanks to the Hawyrszkos and Hudson, Our social time was followed by a 10 game of 5's. Trophy winners  for the year were Twist of Fate. Team included, Jim Smith. Glynn Mar, Ken Swan sub, Ray Avery, Barbara Gard +Janis Dilworth,, Hilary Miller. Congratulations to all on a great season. See you next year.

Mens Pairs Championship

Despite the threat of rain, ( that didnt happen) the Club had a very successful tournament. on Wed Sep 9.  24 Men competed and the winners were from the Peterborough Club . Port Hope Legion sponsored this tournament again this year - 24 years in a row. thank to all who helped with the organization , especially Helen Trenouth who showed up at the club at 7;30 to prepare the kitchen and set up tables.

Club Pairs

Club Pairs Tournament was held Sat Aug 29/15
12 members participated on a cloudy but pleasant day full of lots of fun. Winners of the Pairs
Tournament were Sadie Avery and Alan Gourd.  Congratulations Guys !!!

Historical photo

some old photos

Wyatt Waddell

The Wyatt Waddell tournament was held Aug 22 on a beautiful day. Teams came from Oshawa, Whitby, Campbellcroft and Port Hope.  The winners for 2015 were our own Dianne and John Hawryszko. Congradulations

115h Anniversary

PHLBC celebrated our 115th anniversary today!!. We are one of the oldest cubs in Ontario and we have been at the same location all these years.  Members were joined by guests and former members and special guest Mayor Bob Sanderson and Councillor Louise Fletcher. We had fun bowling two jitneys  and seeing old friends again ; followed by a Great BQ and Corn Roast. Dessert was a special cake by our President Dianne Hawryszko, thanks Diane , Thanks to all who worked to make this day a great success.

Ganaraska Financial Tournamnet

The Ganaraska Financial Pairs Tournament was held Wed Aug 5.  This years' winners from Port Hope Club were Dieter and Margot Franke.. Congratualtions

BQ and Corn Roast

Sunday Aug 9 1:30 will be our annual BQ and Corn Roast. there will be two jitneys.  Guest are $5 , members free. Celebrating our 115th anniversary Port Hope Club is one of the oldest Lawn
 Bowling clubs in the country founded in 1900.  A plaque from the Ontario Lawn Bowls Association will be presented to mark this special anniversary. We welcome pasts members to come as well as our current members.
July18/15. Port Hope Lawn Bowling held our first open tournament of the season.The Mary Cappler trophy had 10 teams of bowlers with Mary herself there to present the trophy to this years winners: Sylvia Poulain and George Neilson from Campbellcroft. Congratulations to the winners. Despite the the heat and humidity we all had a great day full of fun and laughter. Tomorrow we are off to Wilmot Creek for our annual club exchange day.


Our club singles championship was held Sat July 4m 2015, A great  day was had by all. 14 competitors played 3 - 10 end games.This years winners were Women's champion: Margot Franke and Men's champion: Stan Zuly

Yard Sale


Yard Sale

Yard Sale
Our club is holding a Fundraiser Yard 
sale Sat July 11, 9 - 12
Please donate items to sell , price and leave at the Clubhouse prior to sale or by 8 am on the day
We need volunteers to help during the sale as well.Speak to Hilary

Opening Day

Opening Day was held on June 7 after a rain out last week.  Nice to see old friends  and start bowling again. We had a nice group of new bowlers this year and they seemed to have fun learning a new sport . Hope to see them all join the club.  Thanks to Hilary and Betty .. the food at break was fantastic!!.

2015 Board of Directors

President :   Dianne Hawryszko - 289-800-8949
Vice-Pres.   Hilary Miller 905-797-2897
Treasurer:    Marva Goddard 905-885-7280
Secretary:    Janis Dilworth 905-885-6031
Past Pres:    Stan Zuly 905-987-3930


CLUB JITNEYS :Sunday and Wednesday 1:30 pm
                              Monday and Thursday 6:30 ( league Mon 6 pm)

FUN DAYS:         Friday June 12 10:30 - cut throat
                             TBA club pairs  - need volunteer to run
                              Sat July 4 10:30 club singles
                              Sat Sep 12  10:30- crazy bowling
                              TBA  10:30 fish and chip
                              TBA - 115th anniversary tournament
                                         and corn roast
WILMOT CREEK : Sunday July 19 10 am at wilmot creek

                               Sat July 18 Mary Cappler 2-4-2
                               Tues July 21 Plummer Trophy
                               Wed Aug 5 Ganaraska Financial
                               Sat Aug 22 Wyatt Waddell
                               Wed Sept 9 Port Hope Legion

News about Men's Triples Oshawa

On Sat May 23/15. Our team from Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club played very well in this tournament this year.  Stan Zuly, John Hawryszko, and Terry Sutcliffe won 3 games and were short winning by only by 2 points. Great win considering they had not played since last year. Congratulations guys!!

2015 Opening Day

Opening Day 2015

Opening Day for Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club is set... 
Come and enjoy the start of the season. We will play two jitneys with a social tea time between games.  Have some fun, meet old friends and new ones, relearn bowling skills and get started Lawn Bowling. Bring a friend if you wish. See you all there.

Presidents Welcome address Nov 2014

Presidents Welcome Address:  Nov 8th 2014.

Good Morning Everyone.  Welcome to the fall AGM for the PHLBC.  

It’s hard to believe that yet another year is ended.   I feel that, in general, we had a successful year.  The open tournaments were well attended thanks as always to Ned.  It was however a bid disheartening to see the lack of interest in the in club tournaments.  We should all make a conscious effort to attend these events.  A lot of work goes into organizing and running these tournaments and they form an important element in the function of the club.  What a great opportunity for brand new members to enter into a more competitive form of lawn bowling.  In addition one of the important factors of being a member of a club is interact with all members, what better way than to have a day of enjoyable competition.  Perhaps we should all take some time over the winter to come up with some innovative ways to promote better attendance.

We had a good year for the greens.  The rolling and maintenance regimen had a positive effect on the grass and it was a treat not to have to contend with the worms.  Thank you to John and all of the people that helped in the rolling, grass removal and Verdi-cutting.  I think we all are aware that without decent greens we just cannot operate, so this is such an important factor in our club success.

I don’t know how many of you have been down to the club of late, but the improvements are coming along great. In addition I understand that the raccoon proofing has been completed which will give us some piece of mind over the winter.  A little later in the meeting I will ask Glenn Gard to give us a bit of an update.  I think you will all be very surprised and pleased when you see the outcome.

We have been pressing the town this year for an alternative location.  One in which we do not have the steep stairs, the wet greens or the lack of parking.  During the meeting I will fill you in a bit more on that situation but be assured that we will continue to approach the town on the matter.  In addition  Stan,  whom I heard from only a couple from only a couple of days ago,  is continuing to work on any grants we may be eligible for as well as looking for any other funding that might not be so obvious. 

In closing, I would like to thank all of the members that exhibited that little bit of extra effort to help the functioning of the club.   I could be baking for the kitchen, helping with the greens, setting up for tournaments,  tending to the gardens, and the list goes on, but all of those small things add up to a successful club. So I say again Thank You.  


The Annual General Meeting was held Sat Nov 8 at the Ruth Clarke Centre. Although it was poorly attended there was lots to discuss and great ideas were offered. Next year is the 115 anniversary of the club and it is one of the oldest lawn bowling clubs in Canada.  We are looking for great ways to celebrate this event. Hopefully those who missed the meeting will attend the Spring Meeting with suggestions for this. Our clubhouse kitchen is being repaired and is looking great- almost done!! Thanks Mike!!. Have a good winter all and see you  in May 2015

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Sat. Nov 8 at 10 am at the Ruth Clarke Centre.  Please try to attend. See you there

Canadian Legion Br 30 - Mens Pairs tournament

 The Mens pairs tournament was held today Sept 3/14.  This tournament has been sponsored by the Canadian Legion branch 30 for the past 22 years. 32 Participants competed for the trophy. The winners were Ross Wood and Graham Cantwell. Congratulations to them and many many thanks to the Canadian Legion -branch 30 . Representing the Legion was Al Wilson who presented the trophy.

Fish and Chip Day

Great Fun Day - Fish and Chip day was held on Sat Aug 23/14. 14 people bowled and 21 people had a wonderful plate of fish and chips from Captain George's!  It was sponsored by Don Plummer . Thanks so much Don!!. Don announced that he is bowing out of running tournaments next year.. we will miss you Don very much and hope you drop by often!

Wyatt Waddell

Wyatt Waddell tournament was held Aug 16/14.  Winners were Diane and John Hawryszko

Ganaraska Financial

Ganaraska Financial Tournament was held Wed July 30/14. Skies gave us a nice 30 min shower in the afternnon.. but we brave bowlers kept on keeping on  bowling.  Winners of the trophy Shiela and Russell Morrison from Wilmot Creek. 2nd runners kup were Dieter and Margot Franke.

Corn on the Cob BQ

We are thinking of having a corn on cob BQ again this year.. on Sunday Aug 10.  If you would like to attend please sign up at the club.. Good food with good friends.


Great fun today!! Thanks to Don Plummer for organizing such a funday again this year.  Weather threatened rain yesterday but skies cleared for a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze. Winners for 21014 were
John Hawryszko, Dieter Franke and  1st year bowler Deb Gourd, Congradulations. 2nd runners up were Dianne Hawyrszko, Margot Franke and Glyn Marr.

Crazy Bowling

Sat July 26 @ 10:30.. Crazy Bowling.  Fun at it's best,. Sign up today!!

Plummer Trophy

The Plummer Trophy was held Tues July 15/14 at Port Hope.  42 participants bowled for the trophy. the weather held out for us.. just a few lighter showers and then clearer skies appeared.  The first place winning team from Port Hope was Janis Dilworth, Marva Goddard and Roy Thornycroft.
A great time was had by all, Thanks to Helen and Helpers for great munchies.

Mary Cappler Tournament

July 12/14 The Mary Cappler Tournament was held. We had great weather, great food and great participants. 28 people bowled today.  The Winners again this year were Ted and Sharron Morrison from Oshawa. Mary herself  at 94 yrs of age was on hand to hand out the trophy and prizes, and Ned Town was the organizer. Thanks to both and Helen, Hilary and Helen in the kitchen for the great food